Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2010-11 Deliverables

Task 2 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

We mutually agree for Guy Fipps to deliver the following during the period of July 15, 2010, to July 14, 2011, using funds from the Rio Grande Basin Initiative:

  1. Implement a new evaluation/demonstration project using the Drought Simulator on the science of irrigation scheduling and water management. Conduct at least one field day tour of the project.
  2. Pilot an irrigation pumping plant efficiency testing an irrigation system evaluation program by measuring the overall efficiency of selected pumping plants and inspection of irrigation systems.
  3. Work with the TCEQ in the development of a model CEU on-line training program for state irrigation licenses that meets requirements for verification of ID, time spend on materials, and other technical requirements.
  4. Develop a new training course in English & Spanish Assisted for persons preparing for the licensed irrigation technicians exam.
  5. Re-manufacture Catch Can Devices to be more accurate and market their use in agricultural irrigation.  Develop on-line "how-to" guides for measuring uniformity and efficiency of center pivots.
  6. Offer at least three short courses in the Rio Grande Basin.
  7. Support three local networks and TexasET Web pages for LRGV, El Paso and the San Antonio/Uvalde areas.  Expand the number of stations in the LRGV.
  8. Work with TAMU-SA officials and clientele on further development of the ITC physical facilities at the campus in San Antonio.
  9. Continue the evaluation of ET (smart) controllers and bench testing controllers under controlled conditions.  Develop a testing protocol suitable to Texas Landscapes and produce a report demonstrating the technologies viability in the state.
  10. Develop joint training materials with the Center for Education and Assistance in Irrigation, Guanajuato, Mexico. Training materials will be in English and Spanish with the workshops offered in Texas and Mexico.
  11. Develop a training program and manual on installation of drip irrigation for growers.  Continue the drip irrigation of turfgrass project.
  12. Update the LIA software and training program.
  13. Conduct an irrigation conference in the winter garden region.
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