Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2009-10 Deliverables

Task 6 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Jason West

We mutually agree for Jason B. West to deliver the following during the period of July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, using funds from the Rio Grande Basin Initiative:

This work will characterize the impact of Arundo donax invasion on water resources in the Rio Grande through quantitative estimates of the proportion of transpirational water derived from the river versus incoming local precipitation. Specifically, we will:

  1. Demonstrate and quantify how the water source used by Arundo may shift back and forth from river to rain water over time as conditions change. Similarly, we will document the farthest extent of the floodplain vegetation that can directly withdraw water from the river.
  2. Use outcomes of #1 to construct a detailed water budget for this species that provides estimates of how much river water is lost per river mile per day because of Arundo donax.
  3. Publish results in at least two peer reviewed manuscripts and two MS Theses (TAMU Department of Ecosystem Science and Management). We will present our results at two or more scientific meetings (American Geophysical Union and/or Ecological Society of America) and at the annual RGBI meeting. This work will also appear in RGBI technical reports.
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