Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2009-10 Deliverables

Task 5 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Bruce Lesikar

We mutually agree for Bruce Lesikar to deliver the following during the period of July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 using funds from the Rio Grande Basin Initiative:

1. Develop summary documents describing the rainwater harvesting demonstrations in the Rio Grande basin. These summary documents will assist agents in discussing their demonstration and interpreting these demonstrations to the public.

2. Develop an electronic delivery course describing rainwater harvesting with respect to landscape, wildlife, and livestock for the targeted audience of small acreage landowners.

3. Continue the implementation of the Rainwater Harvesting specialization of the Master Gardener and Master Naturalist program through development of educational resources and supporting travel by agents to the conference.

4. Continue development and refinement of a rainwater harvesting training course for practitioners. Course materials will include a training manual, presentations, and evaluation. Topics will surround the use of harvested rainwater in the landscape. This course will provide the basis for conducting professional training of practitioners.

5. Continue development of “Tap in to Rainwater Harvesting for In-home Use” training course. The training course provides training whereby the public can obtain an overview of selected case studies and an overview of the TCEQ recommended treatment procedures for using rainwater for indoor, potable and non-potable purposes. It is geared for those wanting to know TCEQ recommended design and installation techniques as well as water quality considerations.

6. Work with Extension agents to implement water conservation/alternative water source demonstrations in their counties.

7. Provide presentations on water conservation/alternative water sources for meeting landscape water needs at local and regional meetings.

8. Finish the method for electronic delivery of presentation materials on rainwater harvesting for delivery through distance learning venues. The Earthkind environmental education program currently reaches Extension audiences discussing landscaping. This program may serve as a venue to deliver a segment on rainwater harvesting.

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