Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2008-09 Deliverables

Task 8 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Zhuping Sheng

  1. Continue to strengthen the cooperation between the Rio Grande Basin Initiative program and Sustainable Agricultural Water Conservation program through sharing resources and developing collaborative research programs with Sul Ross State University and other state universities on regional water resources.
  2. Continue to expand the water resources database for the Paso del Norte watershed management by enhancing spatial query functions to meet users' needs, and incorporating new data, especially water quality data, collected by regional water stakeholders, in collaboration with New Mexico State University and Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  3. Expand flood control planning model of the Rio Grande for the reaches between Elephant Butte reservoir and Fort Quitman with emphasis on the interaction of surface water and groundwater.
  4. Assess different management and planning alternatives for flood control and share findings through the Coordinated Water Resources Database and GIS website.
  5. Integrate hydrological data of selected transboundary aquifers that hydraulically connected with the Rio Grande into the Coordinated Water Resources Database and GIS.
  6. Identify data gaps for characterization of the transboundary aquifers as well as its interaction with surface water system.
  7. Prepare one technical report and publish one paper.
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