Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2008-09 Deliverables

Task 6 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Michael Masser

  1. Assist with any new/continuing triploid grass carp demonstrations and provide annual progress reports on the on-going demonstrations (currently 5 districts) to irrigation district managers. Reports are published through my annualRio Grande Districts Aquatic Vegetation Management newsletter.
  2. Conduct demonstrations on herbicide control of water hyacinth, water lettuce, hydrilla, or other noxious aquatic vegetation as needed and provide a report to irrigation district managers. Reports are published through my annual Rio Grande Districts Aquatic Vegetation Management newsletter.  
  3. Continue to distribute herbicide Tables 1 & 2 and posters on Invasive Aquatic Weeds of the Rio Grande as requested.
  4. Provide Master Naturalist trainings on aquatic ecology as requested.
  5. Offer aquatic vegetation management trainings (including CEU training) as requested.
  6. Continue updating and development of the AQUAPLANT Web site.
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