Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2008-09 Deliverables

Task 6 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Charles Hart, William Hatler

  1. Participate in the Task 6 group.
  2. Work cooperatively with TWRI personnel to complete the Pecos Basin Watershed Protection Plan.
  3. Work cooperatively with TWRI, TSSWCB, Upper Pecos SWCD and Crockett SWCD to begin the implementation phase of the Pecos Basin 319 project.
  4. Begin development of a publication on Invasive plants of the Rio Grande Basin, to include a printed and web based publication and slide presentations.
  5. Work cooperatively with Ecosystem Science and Management researchers, TSSWCB, USDA ARS, TPWD, Private Industry and local landowners to develop integrated approaches to management of giant cane (Carrizo cane, Arundo donax) along the Rio Grande in South Texas, focusing primarily on mechanical and chemical control.
  6. Work cooperatively with BASF to develop and refine chemical control strategies for Arundo.
  7. Work with the RGBI economics team, biological control researchers (Moore, Goolsby), Texas Department of Agriculture, industry and others to contribute information about herbicide and mechanical controls of Arundo donax to allow for economic comparisons.
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