Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2008-09 Deliverables

Task 3 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

Task 3: Institutional Incentives for Efficient Water Use

  1. Continue the development of the RAT (rapid assessment tool) by development of a procedure for spills. Project sites include Hidalgo and Cameron Counties Irrigation District No. 9. This evaluation is aimed at identifying which spill structures are spilling in access; quantify the amount of water being spilled (including frequency), and to begin determining the cause of the spill. In the process, we are going to evaluate the spill rating survey; how well it predicts the severity a spill problem.


    • Procedures manual for evaluating spill losses
    • Spill loss evaluation report for Hidalgo and Cameron Counties Irrigation District No.9.
  2. Continue work on development and implementation of a model database with Prologic Corp. and Delta Lake ID. Migrate existing district data over to new database structure and demonstrate web-based account access and ordering system.
  3. Continue the development of an online GIS website for use by district clientele and other officials.
    • Cameron County Irrigation District No. 2: Web-based account access and telemetry system
    • General GIS website displaying irrigation district maps and features
  4. With CCID#2, continue the development of a district decision support system (i.e., DMS) by integrating distribution network, automatic gates into a GIS framework for improved district management.
  5. Offer a 2 day GIS/GPS class.
  6. 2009 Water Management Workshop
  7. Continue the evaluation and documentation the water savings benefits of implemented rehabilitation projects through periodic documentation of durability and other factors. Outcome: Report.
  8. Publish fact sheets on seepage loss measurement and understanding SACDA.
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