Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2008-09 Deliverables

Task 2 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

Task 2: Irrigation Education and Training

  1. Reformat Water Budgeting course for CD/Web delivery with the target audience municipal water supply companies, city conservation departments and public agencies involved in urban water conservation and planning. Develop a new course in Spanish for persons to prepare for the licensed exam.
  2. Offer at least three short courses in the Rio Grande Basin.
  3. Support three local networks and TexasET Web pages for LRGV, El Paso and the San Antonio/Uvalde areas. Expand the number of stations in the LRGV.
  4. Continue revamping TexasET by creating user profiles and logins, and automatic emails with personalized ET and irrigation recommendations. Set up profiles for the following clientele: homeowners, growers, public officials and local media.
  5. Improve user interface and simplify water recommendations for homeowners.
  6. Complete minor repairs and upgrading of the rainout shelter. In cooperation with SAWS and LCRA develop a 5 year plan for on-going research and demonstrations using the facility.
  7. Continue the evaluation of ET (smart) controllers and begin bench testing controllers under controlled conditions.
  8. Develop joint training materials with the Center for Education and Assistance in Irrigation, Guanajuato, Mexico. Training materials will be in English and Spanish with the workshops offered in Texas and Mexico.
  9. Develop a training program and manual on installation of drip irrigation for growers.
  10. Develop Web-based tools to support irrigation water management demonstrations by county Extension agents to include automatic graphs of soil moisture status and crop water demand.
  11. Update the LIA software and training program.
  12. Coordinate and develop materials for an Irrigation Training Program workshop for the Weslaco/Valley region. This project is funded by the Texas Water Development Board and is in collaboration with the Rio Grande Basin Initiative.
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