Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2007-08 Deliverables

Task 4
Principal Investigator(s): Juan Enciso

Task 4: On-Farm Irrigation System Management

  1. Study yield response to water for corn (2nd year) and soybeans (1st year). The yield response functions will be developed using drip irrigation and will be used to model water allocations when water is limited.
  2. Demonstrate irrigation scheduling with citrus crops (2nd year) in Cameron and Hidalgo counties.
  3. Evaluate yield, quality, water used and economics on mini-pivots versus trailing sprinkler irrigation systems to irrigate pastures in Hidalgo County.
  4. Evaluate water use and yield for cotton production under subsurface drip irrigation using low pressure drip irrigation systems compared to furrow irrigation.
  5. Two demonstrations of the irrigation impact of irrigated agriculture on sugarcane and cotton will be established in Starr and Hidalgo counties with farmer cooperators. Drainage runoff and water from drain tiles will be analyzed for nutrients. Water use and yield will be measured to simulate the environmental impact of other best irrigation management practices.
  6. Other projects:

  7. Hold irrigation scheduling workshop in Cameron County.
  8. Continue to provide guidance and advice to the Water Conservation Agricultural Demonstration Initiative project funded by Texas Water Development Board and with other partners: Texas A&M–Kingsville and Harlingen Irrigation District.
  9. Lead “Evaluation of Best Management Practices to Reduce Pollution at the Farm Level” component of the Arroyo Colorado Nonpoint Source Assessment Project.
  10. Peer review and Extension publications and editor review proceedings:

  11. Effect Of Irrigation Scheduling Irrigation Methods on Onion Yield and Quality Irrigated with Subsurface Drip Irrigation. HortTechnology. Juan Enciso, John Jifon, Bob Wiedenfeld and Shad Nelson.
  12. Melon Yield and Quality response Water Deficits. Agricultural Water Management. Juan Enciso, John Jifon, Bob Wiedenfeld and Shad Nelson.
  13. Installing Drainage Systems. Juan Enciso and Xavier Peries.
  14. Measuring Water with Propeller Flow Meters. Juan Enciso, Dean Satistevan and Aung Hla.
  15. Irrigating Vegetable Crops with Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems. Irrigation Association.
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