Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2007-08 Deliverables

Task 3 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

Task 3: Institutional Incentives for Efficient Water Use

  1. Continue the development of the RAT (rapid assessment tool) by development of a procedure for spills. Modify existing procedures for definition of head losses and demonstrate their use in Santa Cruz Irrigation District.
  2. Continue working in cooperation with Great Plains Meter, Inc. and Delta Lake Irrigation District to demonstrate the effectiveness of permanent on-farm flow meters equipped with telemetry back to the district headquarters.
  3. Continue work on development and implementation of a model database with Prologic Corp. and Delta Lake ID. Migrate existing district data over to a new database structure and demonstrate Web-based account access and ordering system.
  4. Evaluate new online GIS software for use by district clientele.
  5. Continue to support graduate student research into the effects of aquatic vegetation on flow in canals.
  6. Offer the 2-day GIS class.
  7. Publish a new fact sheet on Seepage Loss Measurement.
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