Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2007-08 Deliverables

Task 1 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

Task 1: Irrigation District Studies

  1. Update Rio Grande Basin irrigation district GIS maps and attribute information. Assist district personnel to produce customized maps as requested. Make maps and GIS databases available to irrigation districts, consulting firms and public agencies.
  2. Respond to requests from individual districts for assistance on completing project applications by analyzing the conditions, water losses and potential water savings and for technical assistance in planning such projects. Activates are expected to include:
    • Loss rate tests on pipelines and canals with United, Hidalgo County No.6 and Santa Cruz Irrigation Districts
    • Demonstration of remote monitoring of a weir in Los Fresnos
  3. Continue ongoing canal automation and telemetry demonstrations with United and Los Fresnos Irrigation Districts. Assist Hidalgo County Irrigation District No.6 to implement a SCADA demonstration to include the main canal, emergency gate/reservoir system with automatic gate control and remote monitoring.
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