Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2006-07 Deliverables

Task 6 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Monty C. Dozier

We mutually agree for Monty Dozier to deliver the following during the period of June 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007, using funds from the Rio Grande Basin Initiative:

  1. Conduct private water well screenings in Real, Kinney and Edwards Counties to determine presence of fecal coliform bacteria, nitrate concentration and salinity (TDS) concentration of private water wells in each county.
  2. Conduct private water well screenings in Webb and Duval Counties and Water Quality Educational Seminar for citizens of Webb County. In addition to the fecal coliform, nitrate and salinity screening mentioned in item 1, arsenic concentration will be determined in wells in these counties. Arsenic is being screened based on concerns related to industrial and agricultural activity around water wells in this area.
  3. Maintain a demonstration site to illustrate the benefits to wildlife of the harvesting of rainfall for consumptive use.
  4. Conduct private water well screenings in El Paso County.
  5. Develop and publish result demonstration reports focusing on results of each of the water well screening events for inclusion in county demonstration educational handbooks/fact sheets.
  6. Develop and publish a publication on perchlorates and radionuclides in drinking water for private water well users in English and Spanish.
  7. Conduct water quality educational session and wet lab for Texas 4-H Water Camp.
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