Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2005-06 Deliverables

Task 4 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Juan Enciso

  1. Demonstrate furrow irrigation versus drip irrigation for corn (second year) and furrow versus SDI irrigation for onion crops (two demonstrations). Evaluate yield, quality and water used.
  2. Establish corn irrigation with center pivots evaluating water use and yields response to water using a number of irrigations
  3. Compare mini-pivots to flood and sprinkler irrigation demonstrating irrigation scheduling using historical ET and fertigation.
  4. Establish an experiment to determine yield responses to different water amounts for vegetables using subsurface drip irrigation (melons and onions).
  5. Establish an experiment using mini-lysimiters to determine cantaloupe water requirements.
  6. Establish an experiment to determine citrus irrigation water requirements in several farms irrigated with drip, microsprinkler and flood irrigation.
  7. Continue to provide guidance and assistance to project personnel with the TWDB Demonstration Initiative water conservation project.
  8. Establish an experiment to determine yield response to water for cotton and corn.
  9. Write an Extension publication on irrigation of citrus crops.
  10. Write an Extension publication on management of irrigation systems.
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