Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2005-06 Deliverables

Task 1 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

  1. Published a fact sheet on use of GIS in planning rehabilitation projects and district management.
  2. Make maps and GIS databases available to irrigation districts, consulting firms and public agencies.
  3. Publish a report on the effort to complete a total district evaluation of United Irrigation District.
  4. Respond to requests from individual districts for assistance on completing project applications by analyzing the conditions, water losses and potential water savings.
  5. Provide direct assistance to four small irrigation districts (Engleman, Progresso, La Feria, Bayview) in mapping and rehabilitation project planning to support and improve their chances of receiving external funding.
  6. Provide technical assistance to districts as requested in rehabilitation project planning and documentation of resulting water savings, including retesting of a new pipeline in United and canal lining in San Juan. Complete an analysis of error and test result confidence levels. Publish reports summarizing results
  7. Publish a Seepage Loss Measurement Manual.
  8. Implement a prototype water measurement and canal management demonstration program with Delta Lake Irrigation District to reduce operational losses and to improve water delivery at the farm turnout.
  9. Publish a fact sheet on canal automation equipment, design and management.
  10. Implement canal automation demonstrations in two districts by equipping two gates in series with automatic control and telemetry equipment.
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