Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Principal Investigator(s): District 6 (Ensor/Sanders)

Each of the activities below will include a follow-up to determine adoption and to estimate actual water savings.

  1. Conduct water conservation and water quality-related programs. (Hudspeth County)
  2. Conduct water conservation programs using LCD projector, P.A. system and screen. (Hudspeth County)
  3. Purchase and distribute Water conservation Kits to households. (Terrell County)
  4. Hold urban landscape water conservation meetings. (Terrell County)
  5. Conduct turf variety selection and management on demonstration plots. (Terrell County)
  6. Establish rainwater harvesting demonstration. (Brewster/Jeff Davis Counties)
  7. Conduct well water testing. (Brewster/Jeff Davis Counties)
  8. Continue studies on riparian buffer strips focused on water conservation purposes. (Brewster/Jeff Davis Counties)
  9. Conduct Power Point equipment needed for educational presentations. (Brewster/Jeff Davis Counties)
  10. Conduct D-6 Youth Water Camp materials. (Reeves-Loving Counties)
  11. Implement youth education utilizing Enviroscape water quality model. (Reeves-Loving Counties)
  12. Conduct educational programs in water conserving methods and principles. (Reeves-Loving Counties)
  13. Working with area dairy and irrigators to promote water conservation and improved water quality. (Reeves-Loving Counties)
  14. Conduct household water conservation programs. (Crane County)
  15. Target reduction of water use and expenditures for senior citizens and limited income households with educational presentations. (Crane County)
  16. Water education programming in schools. (Crane County)
  17. Support D-6 Water Camp activities and programming. (Crane County)
  18. Reduction of urban irrigation use, improved athletic safety and turf with Sports Athletic Field Education (SAFE). (El Paso County)
  19. Increase pecan yields by at least 20% through the use of alternative fertilization program and reduction of salinity in soil and water. (El Paso County)
  20. Increase knowledge and skills related to Xeriscape design, xeric plant material and home irrigation landscape design for 100 urban homeowners. (El Paso County)
  21. Introduction of new commercial alfalfa varieties resistant to saline irrigation water and soil stresses. (El Paso County)
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