Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Principal Investigator(s): District 12 (Garza/Lockamy)

  1. Urban Water Utilization Workshop will provide water conservation education for city and county Recreation and Parks personnel and water works personnel. View results of demonstration on the golf course water usage.
  2. Drip Irrigation Workshops will be conducted with hands-on demonstrations for Master Gardners and teachers to deomnstrate this water saving technique.
  3. To illustrate the curriculum, a radius exhibit and a 'pipeless' flowing faucet will be used. These items will also be used in public presentations on home water conservation, such as the Binational Conference for Families, which drew 650 people two years ago.
  4. 'Water Supply & Demand Workshop' will be conducted including legislative water issue updates, water conservation methods for agriculture producers, and Urban water use and conservation practices.
  5. Colonia resident water education program will be conducted utilizing a master volunteer model, peer educators (master volunteers) will be trained in the use of the water educational flipchart 'Fuente de Vida-Fountain of Life' to help raise awareness among colonia residents of the present availability of water, water resources, water treatments, wastewater treatment, ways to conserve water in the home and how to store water properly for human consumption. Existing Extension water educational materials will be used to compile the flipchart. A post-pre test will be used to examine the impact of the program.
  6. Water Conservation Educational programs to elementary youth will be conducted and followed up with pre and post tests evaluation.
  7. International Water Supply and Demand Workshop for Agriculture Producers will be presented in Spanish to present water conservation information to agricultural producers.
  8. Landscaping with Natives classes will be conducted with area residents to instruct them on drought tolerant plant varieties suitable for landscapes.
  9. Establish result demonstrations with grass varieties comparing 10 possible alternative grasses to Bermuda and St. Augustine to determine most sustainable varieties requiring least amount of irrigation. Plots will be maintained and utilized as a demonstration site for contractors, city planners, and residents. Results will be published, and a brochure of recommendations will be produced.
  10. A publication will be produced that is localized to educate homeowners in caring for the plants and selection of varieties of arid adapted plants recommended for this area.
  11. Power Point Slide presentation will be developed for use in teaching water conservation in the landscape.
  12. News articles will be distributed to promote adoption of water conservation practices.
  13. Conference will be conducted regarding Landscaping Under Drought. Education will be provided to attendees about such topics as Rainwater Collection Systems, Drip Irrigation Systems, Use of Native Plants in Landscapes, and Establishing Landscape and Tree Ordinances.
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