Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Principal Investigator(s): District 10 (Mapston)

  1. Result demonstrations will provide water conservation data for the homeowners. Materials such as rain gauges, mulch, irrigation systems will be utilized.
  2. Students will increase their knowledge of water conservation practices through their participation in sessions at local ag fairs. Pre/post tests will provide data - materials required include: paper, copier toner, classroom supplies and supplies needed to teach 600 students basic principles of water conservation.
  3. Result demonstation data on water conservation will be published and distributed via web, newsletters, mass media and result demonstrations. Materials required include: office supplies, printing, paper.
  4. Programs in home water conservation will be presented to Head Start children and parents on home water conservation practices. Other target groups include 4-H volunteers and members, homeowners, students, civic clubs and organizations.
  5. A display will be developed to use at educational programs, displayed in Courthouse and used to support water conservation efforts. Materials required include: cost of producing exhibit posters, samples of water saving devices, handouts, publications, exhibit board, table cover, Rio Grande Basin Initiative logo/signage and TCE logo and signage.
  6. Mass media will be utilized to promote water conservation efforts through local newspapers and radio stations.
  7. Agents will participate in professional development training and conference to keep abreast of water conservation techniques and effective teaching methods. Materials required include: travel funds, registration fees, conference materials.
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