Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Task 7 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Naomi Assadian

  1. Publish journal articles
    • Di Giovanni, G.D., N. Assadian, J. Enciso, J. Iglesias, and B. Lindemann. The Use Of Wastewater To Irrigate Vegetable Crops With Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment.
    • Assadian, N. Large-Scale Agricultural Land Application of Biosolids on Torrifluvent Field Soils In Hudspeth County and Safe Application of Sewage Products to Sustain Irrigated Agriculture.
    • Mendoza C., and N. Assadian. The Use of Tetrazolium to Detect Salt Tolerance of Plants
  2. Conduct experiments
    • Assadian, N. The Potential Use of Concentrate Water from Desalinization as an Irrigation Supply. Additional support from El Paso Water Utilities
    • Assadian, N., Z. Sheng, and N. Hanks. Water Conservation through Reuse of Gray Water. Additional support from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
    • Assadian, N., and Z. Sheng. The Use of Reclaimed effluents and Salty Groundwater as Irrigation Sources for Cotton Culture. Additional support from the Texas State Support Committee
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