Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Task 3 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

  1. Test and evaluate the prototype distribution network and develop a GIS interface to facilitate its use by district personnel.
  2. Conduct four short courses/workshops:
    • A two day GIS (ArcGIS 8.3-9.0) beginners short course Aug 25-26, 2004 (Weslaco)
    • A two day GIS (ArcGIS 8.3-9.0) beginners short course Fall 2004 (El Paso)
    • one day GPS (Survey Grade) beginners short course Fall 2004 (El Paso)
    • Water measurement workshop (Jan-Feb 2005)
  3. Conduct thermal imaging flyovers in cooperation with USDA-ARS and Steve Maas as part of methodology development for rapid canal/pipeline leak detection. Analyze data and compare with field verifications.
  4. Implement a prototype GIS application in cooperation with San Juan ID for using at headquarters for district clientele to check account information. Implement a web-base version as a demonstration of the potential for other districts.
  5. Develop procedures for rating the condition of earthen canals that would serve as an indicator of the potential savings from lining or replacement without conducting ponding tests.
    • evaluate the effect of maintenance activities on seepage losses in unlined canals.
  6. Develop a procedure for determining the magnitude of operational spills.
  7. Initiate a program to evaluate and document the water savings benefits of implemented rehabilitation projects. Program will include loss tests and periodic documentation of durability and other factors.
    • Work with United ID to determine leakage from a new pipeline
    • evaluate 3 to 4 projects using different canal lining technologies
  8. Develop procedures for calibrating gates/control Structures
  9. Develop manual for determining operating procedures for canal networks, including information on how to:
    • calibrate control structures
    • determine maximum canal capacities and flow rates
    • determine recommended turnout flow rates
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