Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2004-05 Deliverables

Task 1 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Guy Fipps

  1. Assist districts on the modernization of their internal databases and linking to GIS-based maps and management systems - to support evaluation of proposed infrastructure projects, improved district and water distribution network management, and regional water planning efforts.
    • work with Harlingen, La Feria, San Benito, San Juan, HCID26, United and other districts as requested
  2. Develop a fact sheet that provides examples of ways district can use GIS in planning rehabilitation projects and in current project implementation and management.
  3. Make maps and GIS databases available to irrigation districts, consulting firms and public agencies.
    • produce and release new maps of each district that include aerial photographs, roads and other physical properties in order to map maps useful for day-to-day district operation and management.
    • improve the IDEA website for ordering maps and GIS data and products
    • produce custom maps for San Benito, Edinburg and other districts as requested for use in improved management or for rehabilitation project planning and implementation.
    • complete mapping of the Redford Irrigation District
  4. In cooperation with United Irrigation District, complete a total district evaluation that includes condition rating canals and water control structures in the district, and analysis of water supply adequacy (Head Survey). The rating procedures will be designed for use by district personnel for rehabilitation planning and estimates of potential water savings. Analyze results, revised rating system, and develop a report detailing the rating process.
  5. Respond to requests from individual districts for assistance on completing project applications by analyzing the conditions, water losses, and potential water savings.
  6. Provide technical assistance to seven districts, and as requested on GIS mapping, database management, and formulation of improved management strategies using these tools:
    • add a GIS Support and Help section to the IDEA website
  7. Published a 'Ponding Test Manual.'
  8. Implement a water measurement and canal management program with at least 3 districts designed to reduce operational losses and to improve water delivery at the farm turnout.
  9. Complete a fact sheet on canal automation equipment, design and management.
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