Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2003-04 Deliverables

Task 8 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Ranjan S. Muttiah

  1. A baseline simulation using 1992 crop acreage data will be completed and calibrated for in-field water use by October 15, 2003.
  2. Dr. Muttiah and staff will visit the LRGV to meet with Region M participants (Ken Jones, Bill Norris, and others) to determine scenarios useful to the Region M planning effort, by Nov. 15.
  3. The first 1 to 3 scenarios requested by Region M will be simulated and delivered to Region M representatives by Feb. 15. Additional input/suggestions will be obtained from Region M.
  4. The second set of scenarios suggested by Region M representatives will be simulated and delivered to Region M by May 15. The final product is expected to include estimates of crop water use by crop and (perhaps) by sub-region of the LRGV. Based on input from Region M representatives, variables considered may include:
    • type of irrigation system (in-field)
    • type of crops (e.g. citrus, sugarcane, etc.)
    • timing of implementation of conservation practice
    • change in irrigated acreage due to urban expansion, reduced water supply, economic considerations, etc.
  5. Region M participants will be briefed at least twice before May 15 with power point presentations and written materials.
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