Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2003-04 Deliverables

Task 6 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Charlie Hart

  1. Continue work to solicit funding for continuation of the Pecos River Ecosystem Project to treat saltcedar trees along the Pecos River, Texas. Water quality monitoring efforts will also continue. Report on progress in March 2004.
  2. Collect and analyze data from shallow groundwater monitoring wells along the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers. Data collected will be used estimate evapotranspiration from saltcedar control. Work will be done in cooperation with Dr. Zhuping Sheng with TAES in El Paso. Progress report will be published by March 2004.
  3. Establish monitoring site on the Pecos River to describe surface/groundwater flow patterns within saltcedar treated and untreated sites. The site will be established by May 2004. The main objective of the project is to further document water salvage from control of saltcedar. Work will be in cooperation with Dr. Zhuping Sheng with TAES in El Paso.
  4. Maintain and document responses on rangeland watershed management demonstration sites established in 2002. Coordinate with CEA's in Val Verde, Crockett, Presidio and Pecos counties, and Dr. Darrell Ueckert with TAES in San Angelo. A progress report will be published by March 2004. Field days on demonstration sites will be conducted during the Fall of 2003.
  5. Continue cooperative efforts with TCEQ, IBWC, USGS, and NRCS to install and maintain real time water quality monitoring stations at two sites on the Pecos River and continue quarterly water quality sampling at two locations on the Pecos River as part of the Clean Rivers Program.
  6. Work with El Paso County Water Improvement District on saltcedar management on return flow ditches. Our goal is to facilitate a meeting before Fall 2003 so that treatments could begin by September 2003.
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