Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2003-04 Deliverables

Task 5 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Mark McFarland

  1. Work with the CEA-Horticulture and the Extension Turf Associate to plan and conduct field studies and demonstrations to promote efficient irrigation in urban landscapes and turf.
  2. Complete a local website providing information about proper irrigation management in urban turf and landscape management for water conservation and water quality protection.
  3. Provide training for Master Gardener volunteers who will then assist in disseminating resources and information to the public to improve efficient use of water for irrigation.


  1. Launch an enhanced website targeting landscape and turf water management.
  2. Train 40 Master Gardener volunteers who will provide over 800 hours of direct public service related to water resource management and water conservation.
  3. Educate over 1000 citizens by increasing their awareness and adoption of best management practices to enhance water resource management and protection.
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