Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2003-04 Deliverables

Task 4 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): William J. Thompson

  1. Conduct the collection of data necessary to calculate production budgets and estimates of water use efficiency for alternative crops in the Rio Grande Basin or along the Pecos River Valley; Grapes, Shrimp, Forage crops.
  2. Conduct a study of comparative economic value of water use efficiency for selected crops.
  3. Adapt and provide at least one extension publications and one refereed journal article on the economic or management decisions facing irrigated producers in the far west Texas, and make available current enterprise crop budgets for alternative crops.
  4. Participate as part of RGBI economic team coordinating efforts with Dr. Ron Lacewell, Dr. Ed Rister, Dr. Ari Michelsen and Dr. John Robinson and New Mexico counterparts.
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