Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2003-04 Deliverables

Task 4 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Shad Nelson

  1. Deliver an article for publication in the Texas A&M University Kingsville Citrus Center Monthly News, which is distributed to growers and professionals involved in citrus production and research. The article will summarize results from the following activities:
    1. Develop water conservation methodologies for South Texas citrus production using flood, micro-spray and drip irrigation systems and comparisons. Results for the 1st crop to be available May 2004. Background crop production levels for each citrus plot will be acquired and available May 2003.
    2. Prepare N and P fertilization treatments in combination with irrigation and compost application on citrus to determine fertility and irrigation requirements for citrus production under varying irrigation management. First year (background citrus data) results to be available May 2003.
    3. Set-up and develop drip and furrow irrigation plots for vegetable production (ie. tomato) in Rio Grande Valley. Evaluating the effects of compost application and irrigation methods on water management and crop production. First season data collection available by Oct. 2003.
  2. Present water management research data from the research activities listed above in poster format at annual ASA-CSSA-SSSA professional meetings to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah in November 2004.
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