Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2002-03 Deliverables

Task 8 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Monty Dozier, Tom Gerik, Mark McFarland

  1. Implement CroPMan in at least two counties' Extension educational programs in conjunction with county agents and specialists. Facilitate interpretations for producers regarding specific crop management details.
  2. In early June, develop measurable benchmarks to track and evaluate program success for 2002-2003.
  3. By July 2002, identify farmers to use model with. Test/validate CroPMan double cropping systems feature.
  4. By July 2002, complete programming update to add double cropping operations and output analysis features to CroPMan for cropping systems analyses in the LRGV. Use LRGV field data to test/validate model.
  5. By August 2002, plan 2003 CroPMan demonstrations with Extension specialists, county agents and with three or more local farmers.
  6. By January 2003, begin hands-on use of model with cooperating farmers and county agents.
  7. From February to June 2003, work with Extension specialist, county agents and growers in using CroPMan model to improve real-time management of water and other crop production practices.
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