Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2002-03 Deliverables

Task 6 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): Charlie Hart

  1. Complete treatment of 3,500 acres of saltcedar on the Pecos River in September 2002. Negotiate with New Mexico and US Army Corps of Engineers for continuation of project.
  2. Install saltcedar water use monitoring wells at two sites along the Rio Grande River by June 2002. One site will be treated for saltcedar control in September 2002 for comparison/calculation of water use by saltcedar.
  3. Establish water flow and quality monitoring sites on the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers in cooperation with IBWC and TNRCC by September 2002.
  4. Install rangeland watershed management demonstrations for use of contour furrows and contour ripping in 7 counties in District VI. Demonstrations will include paired watershed plots to document runoff and sediment movement from treated and untreated plots. Established by July 2002.
  5. Conduct Rangeland Watershed management field days at each demonstration site during the late fall of 2002.
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