Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2002-03 Deliverables

Task 4 Research
Principal Investigator(s): Shad Nelson

  1. Develop water conservation methodologies for South Texas citrus production using flood, micro-spray and drip irrigation systems and comparisons. Results for the 1st crop to be available February 2003.
  2. Prepare N and P fertilization treatments in combination with irrigating on citrus to determine fertility recommendations for citrus production under varying irrigation management. Results to be available February 2003.
  3. Develop crop coefficients for citrus under varying irrigation methods based on soil moisture monitoring.
  4. Develop drip irrigation and soil solarization studies on young citrus groves to minimize soil-borne pests (like citrus nematode) while enhancing irrigation efficiency. Results available by Jan. 2003. Publication target in conjunction with previously collected data by Dr. Meni Skaria from the TAMUK Citrus Center of May 2003.
  5. Use K fertigation through drip irrigation lines to improve phyto-chemical production in citrus fruit while minimizing water loss. Results to be combined and compared to preliminary work obtained by Dr. Bihmu Patil from TAMUK Citrus Center for presentation at professional meetings in 2003.
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