Rio Grande Basin Initiative

2002-03 Deliverables

Task 4 Extension
Principal Investigator(s): John Robinson

  1. Provide documentation of expected external contacts from Extension clientele with questions about economics of irrigation.
  2. Develop Extension publication (printed and online) of crop planning budgets including newly created cost/return projects for representative vegetable production systems with drip irrigation. Revise in December 2002.
  3. Develop an analysis/report on economic feasibility of drip irrigation of cotton in the Rio Grande Valley by December 2002 through TWRI and online.
  4. Develop an analysis/report of investment feasibility of overhead sprinkler systems for sugar cane through TWRI by December 2002. (Note, initial presentation of this analysis by Jose Amador at 2002 sugar cane meeting.)
  5. Develop an analysis/report of on-farm water savings and cost savings resulting from improved district delivery by October 2002.
  6. Development, beginning validation, and documentation of integer programming resource allocation model of a representative commercial horticulture operation farm using the GAMS programming language.
  7. In September/October 2002, develop an analysis and journal article on the impact of water shortages on the horticulture industry (statistical estimate of the relationship between our regional water supply and subsequent horticulture supply behavior/decisions by farmers.) Provide guidance to irrigation district managers about the influence of water supply on cropping patterns within their districts.
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